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Southwest Airlines: Reservations, Flights, Official Site Information

About Southwest Airlines

Southwest is very popular airlines in the United State headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Southwest Airlines is the largest low-priced carrier in the world.  The Southwest was founded on 15th March 1967 by Herb Kelleher and it was known as Air Southwest Co. earlier and it was changed to Southwest Airlines Co, in the year 1971.

The airlines started operating as a domestic airline that runs within the Texas State. Southwest first started flying between Huston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Currently, as of March 2019, the airlines have more than 59,000 employees and it operates around 4,000 departures every day especially during peak voyage season.

According to the 2019 July reports, Southwest Airlines Flights is the most interstate passenger airline than any other airlines in the United States. This airline has programmed services to more than 100 destinations in the US and ten other countries. The airlines latest expansion happened in May 2019 with services to Maui, Honolulu, and Kailua-Kona, etc.  The next intended service expansion of Southwest airlines is to Hilo and Lihue.

Southwest is considered as the largest low-priced carrier and it is one of the major airlines in the United State. The company has been very successful from past 43-years and it is the largest Boeing 737 globally with over 550 flights is flying average 6-flights per day.  Since its establishment, Southwest Flights have received several recognitions and awards. The Southwest Airlines employees had never faced involuntary furloughs and layoffs. From the past twenty-years, the airline has been in the Fortune Magazine list of “Most popular and admired Companies.” Here you can find some of the awards of Southwest.

  • Southwest airline received several awards for outstanding service, including Domestic Carrier of the year in the year 2013 and Diamond Award.
  • It was awarded as Eco-Pioneer of the year in 2012 by Air Transport World Magazine
  • In 2011 it received Domestic Carrier of the Year Award

Southwest Airlines Reservations:

Currently, Southwest Airlines operates in 41 States in 93 destinations including abroad and Purto Rico.  The airlines started its services to Mexico and Punta Cana, and PUJ (Dominican Republic) in November 2014, and the count increased to 96 in 2015. The airlines do not use the “Hub and Spoke” method like other popular airlines, but it prefers the “Point-to-point” method.

You can obtain the most when you make online reservations. To get the RR (Rapid Rewards) program, and if you sign up for the program, then you can book your air tickets online and get rewards, also, you can save your likings for next time.

When you book air tickets online on the website, then you will get an electronic ticket, but for people who want paper tickets, then the through toll-free reservation number you can talk to agent and mention that you want a paper ticket or electronic one.  If you fly a lot on the same airlines, then you can as well get frequent flier rewards when you book by phone or online.  However, even if you are not a frequent flier, you can still sign-up for the program as it is free.

The Southwest Airlines Reservations is popular for its inexpensive advance purchase and warm-up fares. For instance, overnight stay initiate at 49 dollars or fares that need no advance purchase one-way from Philadelphia to destiny.  The average passenger airfare of Southwest is 89.28 dollars.

Along with the low-cost fares, Southwest record their last-minute airfare offers on its website www.southwest.com.  It also sends to its customers’ weekly Click ‘N Save e-mails that are very famous. Around 4 million people subscribe to this last-minute airfare Click’N Save e-mail.  Also, the RR program is very famous as it allows travelers to earn points for hotels, flights, and rental cars. RR (Rapid Reward) program members can get extra online benefits.

EARNING POINTS: Each time you fly on Southwest Airlines Flights, you can receive two points, and you can also get points for SAVP (Southwest Airlines Vacation Packages) and can receive points with subsequent partners:

  • Rental Cars: Budget, Alamo, Hertz, Dollar
  • Hotels: Hilton, LaQuinta, Choice Hotels, Marriott
  • Credit Cards: Visa, Southwest Airline RR, Diners Club, and American Express
  • Telecommunications: Nextel, EarthLink, and Marriott

For more information on earning miles with partners, go to the Rapid Rewards Frequently Asked Questions Section on the website of Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines Flights:

Southwest is one of the popular and low-priced airlines in the United States and its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas. The airlines fly to various destination s including, Washington, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Midway, Huston, Atlanta, Orlando, Phoenix, Dallas, Arizona, Los Angeles, Nassau, Liberia, Oranjestad, San Jose, Belize City,  Mexico, Punta Cana, and many other places.

The Southwest Airlines Reservations carries the domestic passengers of any United States airline. Its large fleet features Boeing 737-300s, Boeing 737s, and Boeing 737-800s.  Altogether, the Southwest airlines flights contains a fleet of around 750 aircraft and flies to more than 100 destinations in forty-five states and around ten other countries.

In 2011, May 2, the attainment of AirTran Airways was finished by buying all of the amazing common stock, operating possessions of AirTran Holdings, Inc, and corporate identity.  AirTran Holdings is the previous parent company of AirTran Airways.  The first publicized the gaining on 27th September 2010 and got final approval from the USDOJ (United States Department of Justice) on 14th February 2013.  The concurrence ended after AirTran became incorporated with Southwest on 28th December 2014.

Online Check-in: F Web check-in is accessible for passengers with a reservation; it is accessible on all flights. You can as well check-in only by visiting the check-in online page and enter your verification number along with your first and last name. The online check-in is accessible 24hrs before the expected flight departure time.

Airport Check-in: It can be completed by visiting the check-in counters at the airport before departure. Check-in opens at the airport three hours before the expected flight departure tie and usually closes thirty minutes to one hour before the scheduled departure time.

Southwest Airlines Official Website:

Southwest Airlines Co. is a very popular and a major  Airlines in USA and it is the low-priced carrier in the world.  Visit www.southwest.com for more information.

Southwest official site – www.southwest.com

Customer service – www.southwest.com/html/customer-service/index.html